On a November down that avenue

The gleaming night was fading and I found myself walking on the same street where I was a year ago but somehow, the pavements have been changed to bricks from the old warped cement, signboards have now been mounted for directions, a new store is now standing at the empty lot that used to grow shrubs and post lights have been added on every corner, lighting every inch of the street but if there was anything that hasn’t changed, it’s the flowers bursting with colours that bloomed on the sidewalk.

I used to think that this street would not get any better but that was because I used to love the place just the way it was. I have admired the place no matter how my feet ached from getting caught by some of the holes that have been formed on its old pavement. I love how it makes me picture those nights walking uncertainly under the dim lights, just breathing the air. I have never anticipated nor even thought of the vast changes, not within a year, not even today.

The road now offers mouth watering and inviting fairs, the finest pleasures that weren’t at hand back from those days. I would have never noticed I have slipped past time.

As I walked pass every store the glimmer of the glass caught my reflection, I have not even been aware of the changes from my face. The silhouette that formed from the shadow has made me realize that I might have forgotten time, I was getting older too.


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