It came on a surprise at the end of a bad day. It came just in time when she needed an escape, just a week before Santa started to drop off his gifts for the season.
It began on a slow pace, then came that first morning ever when they were damn stuck in the car from traffic.

He was tapping on the wheel, learning how to whisper the loudest screams and so they burst into chuckles at the silly thought.

Then the daylight has finally touched the first day of February it was supposed to be her usual mind-numbing Sunday just like how she was used to, except this time he decided to kill the boredom.

They took off driving around the metro devouring the best foods and fulfilling the cravings of their appetite and just hours before the moon touches the ground they got lost in the woods, driving around circles just savouring time.

It was indeed not just another normal Sunday but the best Sunday was waking up from the aroma of fresh eggs and cream served straight right out of the pan for her breakfast, his version of omelettes.

Just when she thought it was bliss, just the moment she said it was perfect and just when she felt she had nothing to wish for,

She woke up the next day only to find out it’s all gone in a snap just when she was ready to take the risk, no warnings, not even signs, she never saw it coming.


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