Revolving Door

A year ago, I wrote this on one of the days when I really felt like my life has been extremely different from what it used to be a mind-bending yet rip-roaring kind of life. And after almost 7 years of independent living I am at this point in life where I feel exactly the same as when I wrote this.

How my world changed right before my eyes

On the last few months of college, all I ever did was to be awake more than ever rushing my thesis in time for graduation and for those last few months, I lived with friends, we shifted residences, either pad hopping or on the road driving to who knows where, traveled, burned cash, drowned in alcohol, devoured on botanical heaven, nothing but the good stuff, the good life. 

Not until we went on our busy lives after graduation. We had our own priorities and responsibilities which required to part ways. 

My life is now stuck at my office table at 6 in the morning and as soon as I step one foot in the building, I look forward to going home to my bed. Everything became nothing but a routine, the exact epitome of complete monotony. 

I wake up at 4 in the morning to go to work which required too much over time, and then go to church, dine alone at restaurants and then go home, sleep and from there, the cycle repeats. I barely go out on Saturdays, I’m stuck at home alone with my trusty DVD’s or jog alone at night on the pavements of Fort or Ayala with my trusty earphones plugged and nothing but the cold breeze. Or sit at coffee shops with my Wold Political Reviewers and book on democracy and good governance. Weekends, pass by as though it were a day. 

Of the five years that I have been living independently, I have never felt more alone and bored rigid. 


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