The US ambassador

I want to become the Philippine president, this used to be my answer as a child when I was asked what I want to be when I grow up. As I was growing, I have been trained and honed to become an effective public speaker in all its form.

As early as pre-school, I have been competing already and it all started out from a poetry reading until I ventured out to declamation, oration, extemporaneous and until I reached debating which has helped develop my reasoning. When I was in the 2nd grade I can vividly recall how I was sent to a “little miss” pageant to represent my class and I have brought home the bacon since I became the crowd’s favorite because they never expected my answer to their question. The quick reasoning skills made a clearer vision for everyone that I will become a lawyer in the future. And so I went on to my teenage years believing that what I really wanted was to become a lawyer.

Until one day, it hit me that I want to become an ambassador. I figured it’s what I really want and I became firm to that choice since I got to have the chance to meet the former US ambassador Kristie Kenney on my 21st birthday. I remember asking her “I always dreamed of becoming like you. I would like to ask how hard is it to get there and how tough is it to be one?” She answered “It is hard to get here but it is never impossible, you will never know your fate. I was just a fresh graduate of Political Science when I took the diplomatic exam and I took it along with lawyers and those that had Masters and PhD but I made it and they didn’t but I can never say that I’m brighter than them because they had further education. So I say it is fate and luck combined. Never be afraid of being a fresh graduate, you have endless opportunities.” Her words were more than enough to empower me and never give up in fighting for my dreams.

The greatest people started small and they have all been laughed at when they were starting. So become deaf to those who tell you, you can’t. After all, life is not a battle of skills, it’s a battle of will, and those that survive are those who believed they can.


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