Just my luck

Talk about luck. Ironically, I’m not exactly the right person to talk about luck I have not won any raffle, not a single pen or candy at the least and lately, I have been asking myself why am I not as lucky as most of the people I know who wins cars, gadgets, houses and chunks of cold cash. I was wondering what was lacking why can’t I be that lucky.

I remember sitting down with my boss for a small talk he told me that my job is different, it’s 50% hard work and the rest is luck. In my head I was telling myself “Great! Then I guess I’ll never make it I can only do hardwork.” After that talk I went to church to ask where do I get luck (I don’t  know what was I thinking) but I badly needed it lately since I was out of focus, bored and lost then I snapped back to my common sense that asking for luck is not believing in God.

The Benedictines have embodied in me the concept of “ora et labora” it means prayer and work. So I continued praying I realized I needed to come back to the Lord since I’ve been lost lately, I lost touch of him because of the many things I have been dealing with. The month ends tomorrow and I am finishing it at work with a bang at a productivity rate so far from the previous months. Prayers made it. It was never luck. Faith as we all call it.

That in all things God may be glorified.


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