More than your couch potato.

Of my almost 7 years of living alone it has been highly unusual that I just prefer to be home lately to lie down and sleep  than to go out and drink or hang out. In fact, I bought a new DVD player along with dozens of DVDs. Everyday, I look forward to coming home and be in bed or just be at home. On weekends, my friends would text me and I would tell them I can’t make it (Ooops! Ok, guys now you know what I’ve been up to lately….sleeping) please try to understand I can’t help but be lazy these past few days (past few days??!) fine, weeks. I’m just thinking I might be in a phase of my life where I’m becoming a couch potato (I hope it’s not going to be a way of living). But there’s a downside to living alone, you get to do everything for yourself especially when you’re sick you gotta be your own doctor.


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