I am currently doing an indie film with my college friend and classmate, Kel Navea who’s a photographer. The feeling of doing your craft is priceless. I barely remember the last time I have poured so much time and concentration on my masterpiece but this makes me feel alive. If I’m not mistaken the last was when I used to be an advertising student which was before I shifted to my dork days of becoming an economics major.

Recently, I was at the art exhibit of the Van Hagen & Van Hagen Brothers in art 3 at the Manila Peninsula where I got to meet a respectable artist Mr. Rafael Gozum Jr. who has encouraged me to never give up on being an artist and was very optimistic of my potentials. He introduced me to the country’s renowned artists, from the new breeds to the institutions in the Philippine art society. It’s time to relieve what I really love to do.

Let’s go Kel! Let’s win this!

And guys please do visit http://ampkel.blogspot.com/


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  1. haha Grace, Indie film na talaga no ? 😀 im still a noob to this but like you said think positive. Just keep doing what you love and it’ll give you your raison d’etre, something to live for.

    • wish you were a chavacano? haha! aral ka nalang spanish! yep! learned something from the famous Hans Van Hagen when I got a few minutes to talk to him alone he said “focus on that one thing you really want just one and then keep doing it. You’ll see.” Let’s be optimistic. This is it!

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