I’m at this point in life where everything seems to be within my reach. I guess this is what they say that if you can dream it, you can make it real. I’ve always had my dreams laid out and I always knew what I wanted. I’ve always avoided emotional attachment because I believe we make wiser decisions in life without it. Three weeks ago, I was alone at the Hong Kong International Airport waiting for my flight back to the Philippines and as I wait I realized independence is really kicking in. I survived being alone in a fast-paced country where the population isn’t well-versed in english. It is survival miles away from my comfort zone.

I think I am prepared to discover what is in store for me living and working overseas, no country in particular. It has always been my dream to study overseas. Travelling gives me a different urge to pursue all the plans I have laid out for myself and I always come back home with a renewed passion to work harder and live in a fast-paced reality to reach where I want to be.


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