Happiness: a universal language

Many of us take for granted the things we have in life, I for one am guilty of this. We mostly find ourselves worried of many things and most of the time the things we worry about are not that important. We are either pre-occupied with work, how to grow our money, with household chores or uncontented with where we’re at in life and for some they’re just too busy crying for a broken heart. But what we never realize is that on the other side of the globe there are kids that are dying out of hunger and all that they need are food, water and shelter for survival, things that we barely notice we have. But you see, these kids could smile they’re just too young and innocent to even realize anything other than to be happy despite of the predicament they’re in.

Two weeks ago, I had to travel out of town for work. As I was making my way out of a restaurant, a seven-year-old kid approached me to beg for the bottle of water on my hand. His eyes were in deep pain asking me to give him my water for his thirsty little brother who was sitting under the sun he seemed so weak and is minutes away from fainting. It was a hot Saturday afternoon, the sun was blazing and I myself was thirsty but I knew he needed water more than I did, soon as I handed him the bottle of water he ran as fast as he could to his brother to let him drink, picked up a piece of cardboard to fan his brother then he turned to me and flashed his big smile. The smile of relief, gratefulness and happiness.

I couldn’t explain how it felt but it got me contemplating for the rest of the trip wishing to myself that I could save all the kids like him around the world, that not a single child should die of hunger or thirst. That quick moment struck me and made me realize how I should look at life, that I shouldn’t worry too much because some people are going through worse things than I do. I also learned to be a happier person. It amazes me how these kids could flash a wide smile and be happy no matter how rude life is to them. So the next time you worry, think of these kids.

It doesn’t matter what your race or culture is,happiness is a universal language. Smile more more often, laugh  more often, being surrounded with happy people makes the world a better place


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