365 days

I wouldn’t know how much time do I have left, no one does but if I only had a year to live I have a few things in mind that I would do.

I would fly to Tibet.

I love the thrill of travelling but this time I would like a destination that’s more than the usual, I would love to see the roof of the world. A land with rich culture but is unfortunately struggling freedom from China. Last year, my friends and I were scheduled to go to Tibet for my birthday. Everything was ready but then I got a call from our travel agent that China had to close Tibet from tourism to give way to their communism celebration so we had to cancel it and book another destination but I wouldn’t let this year pass without boarding the plane and fly across the Himalayan mountain which is considered as one of the world’s most beautiful flights. Mt. Everest is of course a part of the itinerary.

I would say those three words….I… Uh… I…. I…. Love… Ack….

I am seemingly indifferent to emotions, not that I’m heartless but I just don’t find it necessary. I wouldn’t be sure if it’s the difficulty in carrying out these words but I find it hard to say. I really hate going through conversations regarding emotions and admitting feelings, I honestly think it’s unnecessary. I believe action speaks louder than words so I don’t find it all-important if you’d ask me if I love you when I would obviously spend all my time with you despite my priorities. So I guess this explains my being single. But I realized I have to say it when I feel it because it’s the right thing to do. However, this may be the only thing on my list that I wouldn’t be sure if I’d be able to do so. Well, only because I wouldn’t be sure if the year wouldn’t pass without having someone to tell it to. As of now, there’s none and I don’t see it from the horizon not that I’m looking for someone.

Paint a masterpiece.

I have to relive this passion. The last time I painted was years ago. Looking back, my biggest regret would be giving away my masterpiece which was a 6×6 ft. oil painting. I entitled it La Union, my home town. It was a girl wearing a hat sitting by the shore with the birds, the waves and the people passing by. It’s exactly how it was back home. My painting was hanging in an art exhibit entitled summer as part of my final exam in oil painting. The school president stood in front of the painting and asked for the painter, so I went up to her and she asked me if she can have my painting because it relaxes her everytime she looks at it. I gave it as soon as the week-long-exhibit ended. Now, I realized how much money I could have earned if I sold her the painting I also realized how much that painting costs, quality oil paints are really expensive. But to be able to paint, I have to have a time off which I think I really need.

I would move overseas….Be an expatriate.

There are so many things to learn and so much to see. Living in the comfort zone doesn’t make sense, it is living everyday the same way. It’s like reading a book without turning it to the next page. So I want to get myself out there to learn, to discover, to survive, to be wiser, to live and to know what the world is like. And I am doing it within 365 days before my time is out.

I would lie on the sand until the sunrise.

Last year felt like I had the world on my shoulder. I have hurdled too many storms which only I would know. I’m not really a person who shares her predicament with everyone but I always like sharing my happy thoughts. I have forgotten living life as it is. So if I only have a few days left I would like to lie down on the sand with a beer on hand just watching the night fly by and wake up to the sunrise by the seashore.

For the people living in the fast lane, they’ve forgotten they’re losing time by not taking their time off to see the real beauty around them. For the people chasing their dreams, don’t despair you’ll soon get it. For the people dealing with their own storms, it will soon pass. For the people catching their last breath, I hope you have lived the best of your time.

So, if you have 365 days left, what are you going to do with it?


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