Faded Blue Collar

 His fragile wrinkled hand reached for my plate and softly asked “done?” when I nodded, he shoved it into his cart and pushed away with his frail body. For a moment, I stopped and looked around but everywhere I looked there’s hundreds of them, working old people. Unfortunately, the society has to have a social hierarchy, there has to be someone doing what they do. Not everyone has the means to retire into luxurious lives. For them, retirement is out of the picture.

I was walking at the Esplanade Tunnel in Singapore when an exhibit of puppets caught my attention. It is entitled Circus of Life. It is dedicated to the old-aged labor force of Singapore. Although with a heavy heart, I just had to stop and look at it for a moment.

It breaks my heart to see old people work. They could have been home being cared by their family whom they took care of in their younger years. Or maybe I’m reminded of my childhood filled with memories of my grandmother, a strong woman who raised me for several years but she passed away before I could even take care of her. Everytime I see old people, I see her.


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