I like walking fast. I like riding in a fast car. I hate waiting. I am impatient. I like everything to happen in a blink of an eye. I hate my time being wasted.

If there’s a word to describe my 7 years of independent living it’s the word FAST. I have basically raised myself. I don’t follow rules because I have none. I don’t ask permission from anyone because I don’t need to. I am FREE.

I started recalling when was the last time I tried to slow down, there was nothing I could think of. My normal walk would be hasty. I remember walking hastily on a fine Saturday morning overseas to get myself a scrumptious lunch. Then I now realize if I could have slowed down I would have appreciated the beauty of the islands and the mountains I crossed but I was too busy appreciating the speed of the bullet train while looking at the train stops. While I was finding my way to the restaurant, I was in a hurry. That’s me on a normal day, on a vacation. I’m always in a hurry for no reason.

I am just that impatient. Things we don’t realize until someone makes us appreciate what it’s like to slow down for a moment and seize the day with all its beauty. Things we don’t understand until someone makes us conscious that there’s so much more to life than rushing, that there’s more to a day than just doing our jobs and going home to get some sleep for the next day’s work.

When you thought you were living life, seeing the world, learning other cultures, loving the beauty of living life dangerously, someone walks up to make you realize what living is. Life is appreciating the little things. The genuineness of appreciating the small things we rarely even notice. It is seeing the world through the eyes of a child.

When you thought you were a happy crazy kid and you are just completely satisfied with everything that’s happening in your life someone makes you realize what you’re missing. Someone shows you what happy is.

Maybe my mentor was right. I’ve had my future planned out but there’s more to life than just fulfilling it. There’s more to life than just burning yourself out from work. How many Christmas and New Years have passed that I barely noticed the season because I was too busy with work, with responsibilities, with despairing of the things I lack because I have been far behind what I have planned out for myself. Too busy fighting the changes that were happening around me.

Someone comes to change it all. Someone comes to show you there is more to life than what you know. Someone comes to teach you what you still don’t know. Someone comes to make you better, to appreciate the things around you, to bring you to a lighter perspective. Then you start appreciating the irony in your life that all along, for 7 years this is the change you wanted to see, the change you wanted to feel, the change you didn’t know you needed.


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