Piece of Paper

I was on my way to the airport for a vacation overseas when I was handed a piece of paper. I ignored it for a moment because I was about to miss my flight. When I opened the paper this is what’s in it.

Dear Grace,

I’m writing you a letter that’s right a good ol fashioned letter. I have a confession to make. I wasn’t fond of you at first , you were this strong and classy woman who gives a shit about everything. Don’t take that the wrong way, I find breaking your defences challenging. As I spent more and more time with you, I see you as this little girl, brave, curious and  somewhat really really looney. Like bugs only with a smackable ass.

That hooked me, good.

I’m not with you now, for matters you and I know why. Even so, do breathe in for me, extend your arms for me, and rape the beautiful sights with your eyes on your way for me. This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time, I feel I don’t need to remind you this because you’re one helluva dangerous woman. So dig deep, buck up and enjoy the ride.

Attention reader, we are cutting down on expenses. Yeah, It’s high time I teach you to live cheap. You’ll reap the rewards of thousands of pesos under your bank account, I swear. Let’s spend it on travelling, like I said, if it’s experience I don’t mind spending.

Life is a sum total of reference experiences you accumulate from the moment of consciousness to the well.. you know the next.

Yeah, you forgot your ipod with me. call it your fault, but I’d like to think of it as me distracting you from finding out. Oh the humanity

Fuck it, I’ll miss you. You know this, I don’t  like repeating myself so there. I’ll see your nose magic trick, hear your ‘secrets’ and listen to you ramble about how you just love to hate turtles soon. As for pasalubongs, I would say unnecessary but follow your heart.

I’ll just be here, awesoming all over the place. I wish I can see how your face lights up everytime you visit overseas. That would be a treat.

Seriously up to no good,

Ron Santos

Just so you know, when I read it I was on my way to the airport so my head wasn’t in condition. Surprised can be a good word to describe how I felt. I couldn’t believe what was in it so I read the letter again while I was traversing the clouds at 36,000 feet, then it started to sink in. This is really unusual, who writes letters these days? So this is from someone that has changed the way I see things, the change I never realized I needed.

P.S. We’ll continue counting strawberries.


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