Done with all the Portuguese and Chinese food in Macau, my friend Audi and I were curious about this fast food called Fat Burger. We wanted a White Castle burger experience like that of Harold and Kumar’s. We were going nuts over their menu which one would we get: a fat burger, double fat burger or triple fat burger.

While we were crazily looking at the menu, a man beside us said we should try the fat burger, he guaranteed we’ll be coming back for more. He turns out to be a Cebuano who comes to Macau quite often because his three adorable kids love Fat burger and they won’t eat anything but Fat burger. His kids would recommend we order cheese. We took his kids’ advice and ordered Fat burger with cheese.

I couldn’t wait to get seated and devour my fat burger. I expected it to be just like any other burger only a little more expensive but I proved myself wrong. The patties were so soft and juicy that I didn’t notice it was dripping all over my shirt.

It brought me back to childhood. I guess the best food recommendations come from kids just like the famous Tender Juicy tag line ‘kids can tell’.

This is definitely a burger like no other. If you happen to be in Macau, don’t forget to get your fat burger. Located at the food court of The Venetian, Macau. I think there’s also Fat Burger in the United States. Unfortunately, there’s no Fat burger in my home country.


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