20 things I learned in my early 20s


(1)  Living on my own for 7 years is a life changing experience.

(2)  Patience is a hard thing to learn when you’re born otherwise.

(3)  Travelling on your own will change the way you see things and you’ll never come home as the same person.

(4)   There will be a time when your friends will be too busy with their own lives and problems you’ll have to be your own friend when your life is up in flames and the same friend when you’re soaring heights.

(5)  You’ll have a boss that will make your life a living hell. But hey! Don’t be threatened. That boss is just another human being (just another asshole). Remember, a job is just a job your life shouldn’t revolve around it.

(6)  Career advancement means less sleep.

(7)  Your life can’t stop just because you lost something or someone important to you.

(8)  Good Steak makes any day brighter.

(9)  Trust is always a sensitive issue.

(10)  Invest in lifetime experiences. Travel.

(11)  Always take the front seat. Front seats are often empty because people are scared to take it.

(12)  Your experience can inspire others, never be ashamed to share them.

(13)  Fishing is my best way to relax.

(14)  Anything worth doing requires sacrifice and hardwork.

(15)  If you don’t feel good about anything, speak up. Have  a voice.

(16)  You’ll have people in your life that will be like anchors. They’d slow down your pace. Get rid of them. It’s the right thing to do.

(17)  You have to do stupid things and make spontaneous decisions in your life. They usually end up to be the best decisions you’ve ever made.

(18)  Don’t waste your life looking for that someone. He’ll come when you’re not looking, when you’re contented with yourself and when you’re truly happy from within.

(19)  Your parents are growing older each time you see them and then you suddenly realize you should have been a better daughter but there’s nothing you can do but to make things better while they’re with you because no one will ever care for you like your family.

(20)  Live dangerously.


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