Move in or move out?

Most of my friends who live with their parents want to move out, I want to move in. When I was about to graduate high school I couldn’t explain the thrill and excitement that I felt with the idea of living alone hours away from home. It only means one thing, FREEDOM. I was 17 so I basically raised myself since then. Well, not financially but I had to make decisions on my own, I had to learn doing household chores which I never did at home.

So yeah, maybe the best picture I could give you how my transition was is that during the first year I was basically all cuts and bruises like I was always in a fight trying to learn how to iron my clothes, do the laundry, the dishes, cook food, clean the house, fix busted lights, hammer lose cabinet doors and oh I was able to make a little table out of scrap woods. (Yeah, that has got to be an accomplishment from someone who learned everything from scratch).

Well, living alone is great. I can go out alone at whatever time I want without asking permission from anyone. I can go wherever. I can go home drunk at 4am without hearing any sermon. But I was pretty much a responsible kid I make sure I’ve done all my home works and papers before I open that bottle of beer and I send home my (legit) A+ class cards to my parents as well as my (legit) Dean’s List certificates. This is to make them feel assured that I’m in good shape which means I’m out of their radar. But I think the best part of living alone is having the place all to yourself when you just want a quiet time or when you just want to be lazy and walk around the house with just your lingerie. You can be messy all you want.

Living alone has its charm but it’s not all that there’s always a downside. When I’m sick I have to take myself to the hospital or nurse myself at home. When I started working, I have to pay for my bills, my food, my rent, association dues and all other salary slashing necessities there are.

Thus, I wanna move back home to experience free rent, electricity, free food, no chores to do. And my parents are getting old and sickly. I wanna spend more time with them and make them happy. I think I could have saved up a large amount of cash if I lived with them. More money for my trips, shopping and my savings. In my head, I have two choices one is to move back to have higher savings another is to move overseas to have higher salary so I can pay everything for my parents but reality says “Grace you’re stuck to where you are for the mean time so deal with it”. Poor me.


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