What daddy would do.

Yesterday, I was happy I could go home with a fairly good weather or it’s what I atleast thought. Soon as I got off the shuttle, the rain started to pour. And (of all days) I forgot to bring my umbrella but I had to be home. Needless to say, I was soaking wet. I dried up myself as soon as I got home. Unfortunately, I didn’t expect (which I should’ve expected) I woke up this morning with a terrible fever. So I popped some medicine taking it every 3 hours instead of 4-6 hours thinking it’d make it go away sooner. But I managed to come to work today without looking sick and groggy (a bit).

I threw up twice in the morning so I ate my lunch fast so I could sleep through my lunch break. Well, I got an hour of sleep but I woke up feeling worse with a red mark on my forehead and then my colleagues started telling me I looked sick and that I looked like a victim of a calamity. I threw up again in the afternoon.  That’s the third time today but I managed to get myself home. Times like this make me recall what my dad usually does when I’m sick. He’d usually buy some soup from my favorite restaurant if he couldn’t make one. He’d drive me to the beach so I can get some fresh air. He’d make me sit in the garden or at the old US naval base where there are tall trees, wide range of green fields and birds flying freely. He’d usually wake me up to drink my medicines exactly on the times I need to take them. He’d make me warm milk before I go to sleep. He’d come into my room with apple slices or my favorite fruits like grapes, lychee, strawberry, guyabano or rambutan. He’d cook whatever I want for dinner.

There was a time I’ve fallen terribly sick after I got back from Singapore, he’d make me sit at the garden in the morning while massaging my head. He bought me tons of lozenges because I couldn’t sleep without taking one that’s how terrible my cough was it keeps me awake and the rest of our household (I was coughing my throat out, my nerves on my neck seemed like they would snap anytime). Yeah, I had that cough for 3 months (geez, imported cough… difficult to deal with). I went to see the doctor she gave me the strongest medicines but it didn’t help much. My dad would feed me in bed like a 5 year old.

But daddy isn’t here now and there’s no beach here, no fresh air in Manila so for now, bed rest should do.

PS: I love you Dad!


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