Chuck’s Deli

My boyfriend and I love dining at Chuck’s Deli. He introduced me to this place months ago. The restaurant is known for their huge slabs of mouthwatering sandwiches and basically all sorts of comfort food at a pretty reasonable price. Although I don’t come to Chuck’s Deli for what they’re known for, I seldom order a slabwich. What I love about this place is their Martin’s buffy salad.

Boneless buffalo chicken on top of green salad drizzled with garlic dressing. What better way to toss a salad than topping it with buffalo chicken. It’s a mixture of two things that I really love, salad and buffalo wings. The greens make the spice subtle and the garlic dressing blends all the flavors in your mouth which truly makes it a gastronomic experience.

It’s not your average salad, the serving is right enough to get you full. And this is coming from someone who has a really big appetite plus it’s not heavy off your budget, PHP 175 ( USD 4.50).

My boyfriend on the other hand, loves ordering their slabwich which has really funny names like faking duck, french kiss, hey sexy, off the hook, adobo dobol, the pilgrim and more. You can order them from half slab to a whole slab depending on how big is your appetite or how hungry you are. A half slab costs between PHP 225 to PHP 345 ( USD 5.45 to USD 8.50) while a whole slab will cost you between PHP 345 to PHP 695  (USD 8.50 to USD 16) depending on what you order.

You can also order perfect sidekicks for your meals like french fries, potato chips, hot potato salad, coleslaw, chili fries well we love ordering onion rings.

I thought Chuck’s Deli is indeed the place for comfort food.

Please visit them at


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