New Bombay Cuisine

My recent travel to countries with vast Indian population had started my appreciation for Indian cuisine. Yesterday was my first time to eat at New Bombay Cuisine which is known for its premier real Indian cooking. Looking at their menu, I thought to myself what’s a complete Indian experience without a curry as an appetizer.

They have Chicken curry, Vegetarian curry, Seafood curry and all sorts but I chose to have Mutton curry (PHP 90.00/ USD 2.18). Boneless mutton in a special spiced onion gravy. You can also choose how spicy your curry is. Well, Indian food is spicy by nature so I was thinking their spicy might be really too much for me so medium was a good choice. The spice was just right, the spice was not overpowering the taste of the mutton which was really tender.

For the bread they have Chapatti, Tandoori Roti which you can have plain or buttered and a wide range of Naans. I ended up having Chapatti (PHP 15.00/ USD .36 ) which is actually an everyday bread of Indians. It is an unleavened soft wheat flour cooked in tawa with a chewy texture.

The chapatti and the mutton curry went well together but don’t you be fooled, they’re actually heavy for an appetizer although it looks light. I was half full before I moved on to my main course.

For my main course, I had Cheese Paneer Sheekh Kebab (PHP 135. 00/ USD 3.28) which was really new to me. I’m a big fan of kebab but I have never heard of this one. So yes, I tried it and it has got to be one of the best authentic Indian meals I have ever had. It’s a mixture of cottage cheese and mashed potatoes flavored with exotic Indian spices and herbs. The cheese was mouthwatering and tasted like real meat. It was such a big meal for a very affordable price.

I’m definitely coming back for their Chicken Biryani and Chicken Tawa Kheema which really looks sumptuous.

New Bombay Cuisine

Telephone No.: 635-89-07

Cellphone No.: 63-9278751865

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