New Bombay Cuisine

My recent travel to countries with vast Indian population had started my appreciation for Indian cuisine. Yesterday was my first time to eat at New Bombay Cuisine which is known for its premier real Indian cooking. Looking at their menu, I thought to myself what’s a complete Indian experience without a curry as an appetizer.

They have Chicken curry, Vegetarian curry, Seafood curry and all sorts but I chose to have Mutton curry (PHP 90.00/ USD 2.18). Boneless mutton in a special spiced onion gravy. You can also choose how spicy your curry is. Well, Indian food is spicy by nature so I was thinking their spicy might be really too much for me so medium was a good choice. The spice was just right, the spice was not overpowering the taste of the mutton which was really tender.

For the bread they have Chapatti, Tandoori Roti which you can have plain or buttered and a wide range of Naans. I ended up having Chapatti (PHP 15.00/ USD .36 ) which is actually an everyday bread of Indians. It is an unleavened soft wheat flour cooked in tawa with a chewy texture.

The chapatti and the mutton curry went well together but don’t you be fooled, they’re actually heavy for an appetizer although it looks light. I was half full before I moved on to my main course.

For my main course, I had Cheese Paneer Sheekh Kebab (PHP 135. 00/ USD 3.28) which was really new to me. I’m a big fan of kebab but I have never heard of this one. So yes, I tried it and it has got to be one of the best authentic Indian meals I have ever had. It’s a mixture of cottage cheese and mashed potatoes flavored with exotic Indian spices and herbs. The cheese was mouthwatering and tasted like real meat. It was such a big meal for a very affordable price.

I’m definitely coming back for their Chicken Biryani and Chicken Tawa Kheema which really looks sumptuous.

New Bombay Cuisine

Telephone No.: 635-89-07

Cellphone No.: 63-9278751865

Chuck’s Deli

My boyfriend and I love dining at Chuck’s Deli. He introduced me to this place months ago. The restaurant is known for their huge slabs of mouthwatering sandwiches and basically all sorts of comfort food at a pretty reasonable price. Although I don’t come to Chuck’s Deli for what they’re known for, I seldom order a slabwich. What I love about this place is their Martin’s buffy salad.

Boneless buffalo chicken on top of green salad drizzled with garlic dressing. What better way to toss a salad than topping it with buffalo chicken. It’s a mixture of two things that I really love, salad and buffalo wings. The greens make the spice subtle and the garlic dressing blends all the flavors in your mouth which truly makes it a gastronomic experience.

It’s not your average salad, the serving is right enough to get you full. And this is coming from someone who has a really big appetite plus it’s not heavy off your budget, PHP 175 ( USD 4.50).

My boyfriend on the other hand, loves ordering their slabwich which has really funny names like faking duck, french kiss, hey sexy, off the hook, adobo dobol, the pilgrim and more. You can order them from half slab to a whole slab depending on how big is your appetite or how hungry you are. A half slab costs between PHP 225 to PHP 345 ( USD 5.45 to USD 8.50) while a whole slab will cost you between PHP 345 to PHP 695  (USD 8.50 to USD 16) depending on what you order.

You can also order perfect sidekicks for your meals like french fries, potato chips, hot potato salad, coleslaw, chili fries well we love ordering onion rings.

I thought Chuck’s Deli is indeed the place for comfort food.

Please visit them at

Meat Plus

Last month, I took a trip to the Subic Bay Freeport Zone with my friends for a quick escape. We asked the locals where we can get really good food at a very good price. We were lead to Meat Plus Cafe. If you’re a fan of anything meat (like me) then this is the perfect place for you. We had to walk really far to get this steak because the locals gave us several different directions but I tell you, it was all worth it.

As soon as I set foot in the cafe, I wasted no time and ordered beef belly steak.

The steak was mouth watering. It falls off the bones. The flavour explodes and melts in your mouth. That’s not everything, that huge serving of steak was only USD 9 off my wallet. Well, everything in the Freeport zone is a lot cheaper. Their steaks range from USD 4- USD 10 which should depend on what you order. They also serve Porterhouse steak, grilled pork ribs, barbecue beef short ribs, grilled angus tapa, hamburger steak and the list goes on.

Meat Plus Cafe started during the world war when Subic was still a US Naval Base. They catered only to American soldiers and today, it has opened its doors to locals and tourists.

The great steak is definitely worth the visit.

Meat Plus Cafe

Address: Sampson Rd., Subic Freeport Zone Olongapo, Zambales

Open Everyday from 10:00am to 9:00pm


Done with all the Portuguese and Chinese food in Macau, my friend Audi and I were curious about this fast food called Fat Burger. We wanted a White Castle burger experience like that of Harold and Kumar’s. We were going nuts over their menu which one would we get: a fat burger, double fat burger or triple fat burger.

While we were crazily looking at the menu, a man beside us said we should try the fat burger, he guaranteed we’ll be coming back for more. He turns out to be a Cebuano who comes to Macau quite often because his three adorable kids love Fat burger and they won’t eat anything but Fat burger. His kids would recommend we order cheese. We took his kids’ advice and ordered Fat burger with cheese.

I couldn’t wait to get seated and devour my fat burger. I expected it to be just like any other burger only a little more expensive but I proved myself wrong. The patties were so soft and juicy that I didn’t notice it was dripping all over my shirt.

It brought me back to childhood. I guess the best food recommendations come from kids just like the famous Tender Juicy tag line ‘kids can tell’.

This is definitely a burger like no other. If you happen to be in Macau, don’t forget to get your fat burger. Located at the food court of The Venetian, Macau. I think there’s also Fat Burger in the United States. Unfortunately, there’s no Fat burger in my home country.

On the hunt

I woke up early on a fine Saturday in Hong Kong. I surprisingly didn’t need an alarm clock to wake me up at 6am. I lounged around enjoying my solitude, sipped on my hot cup of coffee while sitting at the wide glass window of the hotel, enjoying the view of Hong Kong harbour.  I had enough time to watch TV but I switched it off soon as the movie The Sixth Sense was up on HBO, the only English Channel I could find. So I slipped into my comfy shorts, shirt, my scarf and gladiators. I’m off to see the very reason I was back in Hong Kong that day. I hopped on a public service coaster at the hotel to drop me off at the Tsing Yi station of the MTR. I was headed to Kowloon to find the best soup I have ever tasted. Hong Kong has one of the best mass transportations in Asia. Needless to say, it is for impatient people like me where everything is fast, on time and reliable. It’s been months since I last went to Hong Kong so my memories of the streets were a little bit jumbled. I hopped off at the Kowloon station, walked to the street market for long, looking for the fish market, I asked people but because of language barriers they kept on leading me to the wrong place. I took a cab (Thank God he knew what was I talking about) he took me to the ladies market and even told me I should have gotten off the Kowloon East station which was a few steps to where I was headed so I learned that Kowloon station was at the other side of the island.

Finally, I arrived at the Koon Thai Hai Nam Chicken. It’s a small restaurant that serve authentic Chinese and Thai food located at Bute street, corner Tsong Choi street. It’s just at the corner of the fish market. I was back for their Tom Yum Kung Soup the best spicy noodles I have ever tasted.

Fresh seafood, fresh herbs and spices, it was awesome. It was worth the difficulty I’ve had of finding the place. It was a scrumptious lunch for only HK$50. As it was served on my table, the aroma was delightful and heavenly. It was definitely the soup I was craving for. The seafood was soft with the right amount of spice that is just right to heat you up amidst the cold Hong Kong weather. I also got to meet an old Chinese lady who shared the table with me and I was more than glad to let her sit. I didn’t understand her much but she pointed on what I was eating and asked “good?” I nodded. She asked for the waitress and pointed to what was I eating and then she was served with the same soup and a plate of chicken. We spoke as though we were playing charades. She taught me how to actually drink soup Chinese style. She said I should sip it with a sound or it wouldn’t seem good. She asked me if it was good because I was sipping it silently. I didn’t understand that old lady’s name because it was purely Chinese but I must say I had the best lunch time with her.

It was the best and the only decent meal I’ve had there during that trip. I am definitely coming back for more. If you happen to be in Kowloon, I say Koon Thai Hai Nam Chicken is a must try. They also serve good pork rolls.