Meat Plus

Last month, I took a trip to the Subic Bay Freeport Zone with my friends for a quick escape. We asked the locals where we can get really good food at a very good price. We were lead to Meat Plus Cafe. If you’re a fan of anything meat (like me) then this is the perfect place for you. We had to walk really far to get this steak because the locals gave us several different directions but I tell you, it was all worth it.

As soon as I set foot in the cafe, I wasted no time and ordered beef belly steak.

The steak was mouth watering. It falls off the bones. The flavour explodes and melts in your mouth. That’s not everything, that huge serving of steak was only USD 9 off my wallet. Well, everything in the Freeport zone is a lot cheaper. Their steaks range from USD 4- USD 10 which should depend on what you order. They also serve Porterhouse steak, grilled pork ribs, barbecue beef short ribs, grilled angus tapa, hamburger steak and the list goes on.

Meat Plus Cafe started during the world war when Subic was still a US Naval Base. They catered only to American soldiers and today, it has opened its doors to locals and tourists.

The great steak is definitely worth the visit.

Meat Plus Cafe

Address: Sampson Rd., Subic Freeport Zone Olongapo, Zambales

Open Everyday from 10:00am to 9:00pm


Hong Kong in a blink of an eye

I often fly to Hong Kong for a quick escape. I like the fast pace and the sophisticated vibe of the city. I especially like the walkalators which works well for lazy people like me, the food and everything about the city. These are some of the pictures I took during my frequent visits.

Hong Kong island and Kowloon island

Hong Kong is 7 hours 46 minutes and 12 seconds ahead of Greenwich

Crossing the streets of Hong Kong

Walking around Kowloon

Heading to nowhere, just hopped on the bus. View from the deck.

Walking around early morning.

Pastries after shopping at the ladies’ market

Peking ducks

Making my way to the fish market

Turtles at the fish market

Look what I found, beautiful crabs at the fish market.

Symphony of lights at Kowloon

View from my hotel at Robinsons road

Freeze mob at the Avenue of the stars

Talk about order

This place never fails to amaze me every time.

The redemption trip

7:30pm 30,000ft above Kuala Lumpur. Preparing for initial landing.

The same time last year, I took a trip to Malaysia with 2 other friends it had to be unforgettable because it was terrible. We were in Singapore when we decided to take a day trip to Kuala Lumpur best believe that it should be enough because there wasn’t much to see. Unfortunately, we had no idea that it was Malaysia day. Thus, all the flights, buses and trains going out of Kuala Lumpur were fully booked (you’re thinking it right, we were trapped in Malaysia for another day) so we had no choice but to spend the night at a rest and go at the Bandar Tasik Selatan hub. The owner charged us MYR70 but I had the last MYR50 in my pocket and the rest of my currencies were in dollars and pesos and the nearest money changer is in KL central which was half an hour away from the hub so the owner agreed to give us a bed for MYR50.

It was a single bed and we had to let the three of us fit. There was also one tiny pillow which barely fit a head. We opened our bags and found loaves of breads that we bought earlier —spoiler alert—we used them as pillows. The rest and go didn’t have restrooms you have to use the public restroom at the hub. But we were actually a little bit lucky because there were a lot of people sleeping on the floor, on the stairs and even in front of the ticket booths just to get the first trip out to Singapore. The place was an absolute chaos.

The Petronas Towers

The next day we woke up at 5am because our coach leaves at 6am. We grabbed some coffee and newspaper while we were waiting at the passenger lounge. We were too sleepy to notice that the newspapers were written in Arabic. We boarded the coach. It was actually pretty smooth they had really comfortable lazy boys so we slept the whole time we were in. When I woke up, people were already going down. I asked the bus driver if it was a pitstop for lunch. I specifically asked “lunch? is this lunch?” he nodded and said “yeah yeah” so I waved at my friends and said let’s get lunch and pee. We all went down and left our stuff except for our valuables. So we peed, when we went back to get on the coach, IT.WAS.GONE!!!

We asked the coach operator who (gladly) speaks fluent english and said this isn’t a pit stop for lunch this is Larkin. The coach stops here to drop off passengers but not for lunch. It does not wait. So we asked him what happens to our stuff. He said the coach goes straight to Singapore and then back here so you have to wait until it get’s back but I will not assure you that your things are still there. Oh Great! Just  great! Our stuff went back to Singapore without us and we’re waiting for them to come back to go back to Singapore. Oh that’s not the worst part, we waited for the next 4 hours just to get our stuff back. Good thing we met a Malaysian who also got left by the bus because he also thought it was for lunch. We were with him until we got back to Singapore soil.

I impatiently waited for the next 4 hours complaining at the operator from time to time. I traced the bus driver’s number  and called him up but he couldn’t be reached because he was using a Malaysian local number and he was already in Singapore. We had to wait for a reasonable time to come back at the border so we could call him. Good thing we got our stuff back and it had been quite smooth from there as we had our Malaysian friend to lead us the way. Having said all those misfortunes, my friend Raj who is an expat in Malaysia had convinced me to take a redemption trip. So I did. My friend Raj was too kind to offer that we stayed at his place. I brought the same friends I was with a year ago and just like last year, it was unforgettable but this time it was different.

View from the terrace. The Istana Negara. The billion dollar King’s palace which stands on a 13 acre land.

Wide and clear highways to speed up at 180 to 200kph

We didn’t have to do the usual tourist routine. We had our cameras in the trunk or in our bags or none at all because what was in store for us was a lot different than anyone of us had expected. We woke up early to take a trip to Sunway for my first ever suicide attempt.

Driving up to Sunway with Raj’s sweet Audi A4 ride

Sunway Lagoon, Kuala Lumpur

Alright, that wasn’t actually it but I was doing bungee jumping for the first time in my life. I’m not really a person who’s scared of heights. I had been travelling overseas just for the adrenalin rush. I had been to the craziest roller coasters and all sorts but this was not an easy thing to do. Why was it scary? it was basically a suicidal act.

Putting on the harness for the jump.

It was jumping off hundred ft. above the air but the only difference, you have a harness tightly tied on you. But the feeling is the same, everything else is the same except you won’t crash into the ground.

Letting go of everything that stops me. Seconds before I finally jumped.

So yes, it took me two tries to stand on the ledge and make up my mind. The first time, my mind wants to jump but my body was all too soft to do so. My energy was eaten up by climbing the stairs from the ground up to the bungee site. So I had to re energize, I had to take in lots of sugar and water. Then I went back to redeem myself. That made me unbelievably popular. People from the hanging bridge, the lagoon, the zipline and at the booth were all cheering me up saying “Jump! Jump! Jump!” And I answered “Wait! Wait! Wait!” Everyone started taking videos and pictures of me. I had a lot in mind why I wasn’t ready to do it but I had to free my mind from it. When I did, people from the background faded I heard nothing but a faint sound of clap and the air of peace. I felt free. I felt different. I realized, it is us who tells ourselves we cannot do  one thing. As I was falling, I was telling myself what was I thinking? When I got back to the ground, I was not the same person. That was not the old me. I have realized the true meaning of the word fearless.

That was my friend, Audi on the rubber boat waiting for us to get back on the ground.

Just because we were adrenalin junkies, we tried the reverse bungee. The highest reverse bungee in Asia which goes off from 0 to 120kph and throws you more than a hundred ft. in the air and back while turning 360 degrees.

Buckling up for the reverse bungee. All too excited to be thrown in the air.

After the satisfying rush we decided to cool down a bit at the lagoon before we try the flow rider which was also a great experience.

Under water with my good friend Raj and Audi

So that was me in my first dive on the board. Lucky me, there was a lady who taught me how to properly dive.

Learning to ride the waves. And boy was that an amazing experience. It looked easy in the picture but it was not, the waves will wipe you out. The man who was really way too big for the board got wiped out in a second. You gotta learn to maneuver the board or it will wipe you out. Our last ride was the tunnel tube slide which still gives you the right amount of rush. Needless to say, our energies were all consumed from a day of extreme activities. So we hopped on the car and minutes later, hunger kicked in so we headed to Bangsar for a comfort food dinner.

Dinner at Bangsar with my friends Raj, Audi and Arnold

I always trust Raj when it comes to food. He never fails on good food. So we stuffed ourselves on comfort food except I could not figure out what to drink so I asked the lady what was good. She mentioned all the juices of which I have not understood a single because they were all named in alien so I said the I want the third that you said but in my head I was being totally random. When the drink came to me, it was pretty. I asked what was in it and she mentioned every ingredient. It was basically all the fruits you could name blended and crushed in it so I thought it was weird. Some fruits didn’t taste well together. I sipped and well, it tasted like uh fruit? I could not properly describe.

After that sumptuous dinner we decided to go back home to rest for a bit and freshen up to head to the party. We took two rounds of patron shots to get us all psyched for the party. We headed out at 11pm. Our first stop, Never mine club/ Never mind club forgive me I didn’t even look at the signage I just went in and asked my friend “where are we again?” I had the best time there I actually thought it could have been good if we stayed but since I was overseas, might as well try everything.

With my friend Arnold @Never mine/ Never mind club

After finishing the pitcher of Cointreau, my hyper acidity had kicked in and it had the worst timing in the world. The bartender had given me 2 glasses of warm water which was actually useless. The only way to cure a hyper acidity is a bottle of freezing water. Raj had to run to the nearest 7eleven. After drinking the whole bottle I was alive and kicking again. Ready to hop on to the next party.


We went to Zouk which I don’t think I will still post pictures of since it was so EPIC that I have to keep it. (Don’t worry I have disclosed everything to my boyfriend who wasn’t with me on that trip). Due to my hyperacidity, I controlled drinking so I didn’t drink anymore but I was psyched enough I was dancing with friends or alone mindless of the crowd. A few minutes into the party I noticed a friend whom I will not mention had been drinking fast that my other friends could not keep up. But I thought my friend had a high tolerance so I didn’t mind. The club was so alive, it was so alive it will get you psyched and all too excited to do just about anything. It was an absolute high. An hour later my friend Raj asked me who’s more drunk between our friends. I had  the wrong bet. I had to accompany this friend to the restroom to pee to keep the balance I had to hold my friend’s arms and shoulders to get there. In the restroom someone approached me and said “Is that your friend? I feel sorry for you” And that’s when I realized I was about to be in a situation that no amount of preparation could equip me to handle it.

Friend, if you’re reading this, this is what happened.

I accompanied you to the toilet, you started to puke like fountain and then later on like a waterfall falling down on your neck and to your clothes. You passed out and sat on your puke. I had to call Raj to carry you out of Zouk club. You were totally a dead body on his shoulder. Damn I had to help him carry you and boy weren’t you light. The worst part is we parked two blocks away from the club and the club is too big it took us forever to get you out. On our way home, you were totally passed out in the car I ran out of tissue so I had you puke on a map but you already puked in the car. As soon as we arrived at the basement parking of the apartment we had to stop by the elevator entrance to leave you there before parking the car all the way to the other end. Our other friend also started puking. Imagine I was left with puking people. And you had me covered with your puke. Good! So we had to take you up to the apartment and leave you on the bath tub. I wish that’s what happened but no it didn’t. I had to give you a bath because you were really gross. Your smell was unforgivable.

Giving my puke-covered friend a bath.

P.S. I swear you have nothing to hide anymore.

On the hunt

I woke up early on a fine Saturday in Hong Kong. I surprisingly didn’t need an alarm clock to wake me up at 6am. I lounged around enjoying my solitude, sipped on my hot cup of coffee while sitting at the wide glass window of the hotel, enjoying the view of Hong Kong harbour.  I had enough time to watch TV but I switched it off soon as the movie The Sixth Sense was up on HBO, the only English Channel I could find. So I slipped into my comfy shorts, shirt, my scarf and gladiators. I’m off to see the very reason I was back in Hong Kong that day. I hopped on a public service coaster at the hotel to drop me off at the Tsing Yi station of the MTR. I was headed to Kowloon to find the best soup I have ever tasted. Hong Kong has one of the best mass transportations in Asia. Needless to say, it is for impatient people like me where everything is fast, on time and reliable. It’s been months since I last went to Hong Kong so my memories of the streets were a little bit jumbled. I hopped off at the Kowloon station, walked to the street market for long, looking for the fish market, I asked people but because of language barriers they kept on leading me to the wrong place. I took a cab (Thank God he knew what was I talking about) he took me to the ladies market and even told me I should have gotten off the Kowloon East station which was a few steps to where I was headed so I learned that Kowloon station was at the other side of the island.

Finally, I arrived at the Koon Thai Hai Nam Chicken. It’s a small restaurant that serve authentic Chinese and Thai food located at Bute street, corner Tsong Choi street. It’s just at the corner of the fish market. I was back for their Tom Yum Kung Soup the best spicy noodles I have ever tasted.

Fresh seafood, fresh herbs and spices, it was awesome. It was worth the difficulty I’ve had of finding the place. It was a scrumptious lunch for only HK$50. As it was served on my table, the aroma was delightful and heavenly. It was definitely the soup I was craving for. The seafood was soft with the right amount of spice that is just right to heat you up amidst the cold Hong Kong weather. I also got to meet an old Chinese lady who shared the table with me and I was more than glad to let her sit. I didn’t understand her much but she pointed on what I was eating and asked “good?” I nodded. She asked for the waitress and pointed to what was I eating and then she was served with the same soup and a plate of chicken. We spoke as though we were playing charades. She taught me how to actually drink soup Chinese style. She said I should sip it with a sound or it wouldn’t seem good. She asked me if it was good because I was sipping it silently. I didn’t understand that old lady’s name because it was purely Chinese but I must say I had the best lunch time with her.

It was the best and the only decent meal I’ve had there during that trip. I am definitely coming back for more. If you happen to be in Kowloon, I say Koon Thai Hai Nam Chicken is a must try. They also serve good pork rolls.


So here’s what I have been doing lately why I haven’t had much time to update my page.


And I’m looking forward to the next freakin’ weekend for another sweet escape!